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adLDAP - LDAP authentication with PHP for Active Directory Logo

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adLDAP is open source software and is released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.

adLDAP version 4 is a complete re-write of the library and is not backwards compatible with previous versions.

It is strongly recommended that you review the updated documentation.

Previous versions are still available below.

Please note that version 3.x and higher require PHP 5. For PHP 4 support, please download adLDAP version 2.1

Source Code

The adLDAP source code is now available on GitHub in our own Git repository.

git clone

You can also browse the respository from your web browser.

Current Release

MD5: 581b6a479fd5546e401da51b6c6385ef
SHA1: a24b99e2dd067af872016c61f9dec8a0c4db0b8a


[+] New Feature: Ability to delete a group $adldap->group()->delete($groupName);
[+] New Feature: #30 Add magic __isset method to adLDAPCollection
[-] Feature Change: #34 A better recursiveGroups() implementation
[-] Feature Change: Changed $adldap->user()->getLastLogon from using the lastLogin attribute to lastLogonTimestamp.
    The difference between the two is detailed here
[-] Bug Fix: $adldap->user()->getLastLogon('mySAMAccountName') produced a PHP error 
    'Non-static method adLDAPUtils::convertWindowsTimeToUnixTime() should not be called statically'
[-] Bug Fix: #29 $includeDescription broken in adLDAPContacts->all()
[-] Bug Fix: #25 exchange->createMailbox typo in $storageGroup variable null checking
[-] Bug Fix: #25 exchange->createMailbox Call to undefined method adLDAPExchange::utilities()
[-] Bug Fix: #27 Case mismatch on an array key in the folder()->create()
[-] Bug Fix: Typo in $adldap->contact()->contactMailEnable() for email address so that the function wouldn't work as intended
[-] Bug Fix: $adldap->folder->create() typo would have failed to create the folder correctly
[-] Bug Fix: Some uninitialized variable warnings quashed for PHP Strict Mode
[-] Bug Fix: Ensure a connection is established before calling ldap_close in __destruct()
[-] Bug Fix: #32 undefined offset in getPrimaryGroup()
[-] Bug Fix: #31 Non-recursive group()->members method sometimes does not work

Previous Releases

Copyright © 2006-2018 Scott Barnett, Richard Hyland. All rights reserved. Licensed under the LGPL.