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Computer Management Functions

All computer functions are called through adLDAP like so


So to access the info function use

$adldap->computer()->info($dn, $fields);

info($computerName, $fields = NULL)

Returns an array of information for a given computer.

inGroup($computerName, $group, $recursive = NULL)

Return true or false depending on whether a computer is a member of the group.

As with the info() function, this function will not return a valid result unless the currently authenticated user is an administrator for the container of the computer being queried.

groups($computerName, $recursive = NULL)

Returns an array of groups that a computer is a member of.

If you specify $recursive as true, it will give a recursive list of the groups.

If you can live without it, leave $recursive false, because it can be slow or even hang if there are a lot of nested group memberships.

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